KisU Cider by Old Mill Wines

Old Mill Wines

“Thinking outside the Grape”

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KisU Cider Sparkling Cider range
KisU Pink Cider

Delicate Sparkling Cider with a splash of Blueberry and a dash of Raspberry. Produced with Juicy Berries grown in Nelsons fertile Tadmor Valley.
750 ml 4.8 % Alc/Vol

KisU Scarlet Cider

Lively sparkling Cider with a refreshing burst of Raspberry flavour. Pressed Juice from sweet Tadmor Raspberries are combined with our crisp Apple Cider made from a blend of Moutere grown Apples.
750 ml 4.8 % Alc/Vol

KisU Black Cider

A refreshing sparkling Cider, with rich Blackberry and Boysenberry flavour, which comes from rich Berries grown in Nelsons Moutere Valley, famous for producing the finest of fruit.
750 ml 4.8 % Alc/Vol

KisU Ice Cider

Intense still Ice Cider, made using a special blend of sweet and tart Moutere grown Apples and the magic of Ice, used to intensify the Apple juice prior to fermentation and resulting in a naturally sweet and slightly tart taste experience.
375 ml 10% Alc/Vol